Video Games

The Region’s Premier Anime, Gaming, Music, Fashion and Japanese Pop Culture Convention is back and this year is bigger than ever with a plethora of Single and Team Tournaments!

This year’s games include Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Smash Bros Melee, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, Guilty Gear Xrd -Rev- 2-, Blaz Blue: Central Fiction, Killer Instinct, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Infinite, ARMS, Pokken Tournament, OverWatch 3v3, Rocket League, Splatoon 2, and more!

The Tekko Bonus Is also returning! Tekko will add $50 to the pot of any tournament that hits 16 players (Every 4 teams for 3v3/4v4 and every 8 Teams for Doubles.) That bonus will continue to roll, maxing out at $200!!

Tokyo Attack!

Tekko is proud to partner with Tokyo Attack, enriching our game room with a variety of music-themed Japanese arcade games.

Tokyo Attack is a collaboration of music game enthusiasts looking to give back to the community and share rare music games with people who will normally never get a chance to play them. They all started off as private collectors, building a collection of the games that were closest to them. As time went on, they saw a demand for their games at a variety of conventions, and noticed the machines being currently supplied were not always in the best of condition. Wanting to give back to the community in hopes to strengthen it, they decided to brand themselves and help spread their investment into this genre to rest of the public.

Tokyo Attack!

Collectible Card Games (CCG)

CCGs in the Gaming Hall will feature Demos and Open Play for a multitude of games as well as competitive tournaments for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, and Cardfight!! Vanguard. 8-Player flights and structure deck playoffs will also be running all weekend for many other card games. Grab your friends and come see us to find out more!

Too shy to jump right into battle? Find any of our CCG Staff members and ask about Open Play or Demos available all weekend for any card game. Our vendor will be equipped with products for all card games to get you tournament ready.

Yu-Gi-Oh! will feature regular advanced-format tournaments with an extra challenge. Strong players will be entering and you can receive extra prizes for defeating them. See us to find out more!

Magic: The Gathering will feature Standard, Modern, Commander, and Draft tournaments. There will also be Challenge tournaments to really test your strength. Check the schedule or come see us to find out when!

Pokemon will feature Standard and Expanded tournaments as well as Open Play for beginners. Our resident Pokemon Professor is happy to show you the ropes and get you ready for our other tournaments running all weekend!

Board Games

Board Game Tournaments

Due to some tournaments having a maximum player cap, make sure to sign up in the Gaming Hall.

Board Game Rental

Have some time to spare in between panels and events and aren’t sure what to do? Did you know that you can sign out board games for free to play in the Gaming Hall? We have a plethora of unique and fun games to play. Don’t know what you want to play? Ask our staff, we love to make suggestions!

Open Demos

All weekend we will be running demos of our tournament games, fun party games, and staff favorite games! We will also be joined by Dabeco (creators of Havenfall) and Milton Roe (creators of Shoot Cows), who will be demoing their games all weekend.

Role-Playing Games

In the RPG Room, we aim to give guests unique experiences in the games they play. This year we’ll be adding to this with new games such as Leverage and the Dragon Age RPG.

Returning will be the "d20 Grab Bag" series of games where players won’t know what game they’re playing until they sit down!

In addition, RPG Guy Mike will be returning with his video game inspired games using the 5th edition of D&D’s rules. This year he’ll be running, in addition to Monster Hunter, a new set of games based on the popular Kingdom Hearts series! These games are limited to 4 players only so be sure to get there early!


Run a game at Tekko!

This year, Tekko is expanding its LARP (Live Action Role Play) department to encompass additional styles of game play and LARP discussion panels.

GMs interested in running a game should complete the preliminary form. Once the deadline has passed, the form will close and the LARP department will choose games that are appropriate for the Tekko demographic. (Note: games are by no means limited to anime or pop culture themes. There is an existing anime LARP track, and we are adding new games to appeal to different audiences.) The LARP department will contact GMs with approvals or rejections, or to request further information.

Form submissions close on 2/15/20 so that games can be accepted and placed on the schedule for advanced registration.

Tekko Anime LARP

The original Tekko Anime, Manga, and Video Game LARP is back again for another year! Join us for 3 days worth of fun by taking control of one of your favorite characters from anime, manga or video games and navigating through a GM driven plot. It's like a giant crossover fanfic come to life! This year, join us for a voyage among the stars you won't forget! See strange and interesting people, find out what's most important to you!

If you sign up and would like to make a change, please email with the requested change. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

All pre-registrations must be made before 1/31/20. Sign ups at con will be allowed, but you will be limited to already created characters.

For further information and to chat with other players and the GMs before the con, please join our Facebook group .