Photo Meet-Ups

Photo meet-ups are fan-run gatherings for cosplayers and fans of different series and categories to gather at Tekko in order to take photos together. They are public events open to any and all attendees. Note that these are not for photographers to reserve as general photoshoot location, though vacant photospots may be used by photographers to pull people aside for photos as detailed below.


These marked locations are reserved for cosplayers exclusively throughout the weekend. They are open to everyone to use to take pictures except at times they’re reserved for a group shoot as seen on the schedule. These areas are great for setting up light stands or pulling cosplayers aside for a few different poses without worrying about convention traffic.

Planning a Photo Meet-Up

To plan a photo meet-up, first, check the tentative schedule below to make sure no one else has already planned a gathering for your series. Then, choose a photospot as well as a time that works for you. In order to be placed on the Tekko schedule you must choose an officially listed one. Please bear in mind that any shoots taking place off of the DLLCC property are not covered under liability insurance--shoot at your own risk!

Next, create a public event page on Facebook, or a thread on your prefered forum, then invite fellow fans to join you! It’s up to you to promote your event, simply planning one doesn’t guarantee attendance. You can discuss pose ideas, such as specific characters, groups, pairings, or re-enactments. It’s also a good idea to choose a leader with a loud voice to call out pose directions, as well as a countdown to hold that pose.

Finally, fill out the official Tekko photoshoot request form. This will put your event on the schedule, and you’ll also be informed of any potential conflicts with official events while the convention schedule is in progress.

Please note that one person/group will only be approved for a maximum of 4 meet-ups over the course of the convention. This includes co-hosting. Meet-ups are a lot of responsibility, and more than that can make scheduling difficult. Additionally, while meet-up requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, staff has the right to deny a request for any reason.

If you have to make any changes to times or locations, please email . Please note that you must email us in order for us to make the changes! Changes to your meet-up will be considered as a new submission in terms of time and location priority - think carefully about what you want before you submit your form!

Link to Tentative Photo Meet-Up Schedule (Updated Weekly)

Enjoying Photo Meet-ups at Con

These meet-ups are open to every attendee to take photos, whether you’re using your cell phone or your full frame DSLR! Don’t be afraid to join in when you see a group using a Photospot!

Group photo meets are the only times at a convention where it is not considered necessary for each photographer to ask for permission before taking a picture as long as you are standing in the area directly in front of the posing group so that they can see you. Don’t take shots from behind or far to the side, and let them know if you wish to film video.

At busier meet-ups, be aware of other photographers – once you’ve gotten your shot, step back to let someone else dart in. Be mindful when pulling anyone to the side to ask for an individual portrait while the shoot is going on – they might miss out on a group or character shot!

While posing ideas are often appreciated, please remember that cosplayers are not their characters, and have the right to refuse any pose or photo request. Please be sure to ask, especially if your suggested pose involves touching someone else, and respect the answer.

If you are participating in a meet, schedule a photographer or hand your camera to a friend so you can be sure to get photos of yourself. While there are so many photographers of all skill levels at Tekko, it isn’t always easy to find their photos after the con. Don’t be afraid to ask for a business card from any who join your gathering!

Fan Photographers

Tekko now has a special badge designation: Fan Photographers!

Fan Photographers is our name for the attendees who take private photoshoot bookings for cosplayers to get the very best individual shots of their costumes. While they are not staff or specifically endorsed by Tekko, they are an important part of our community.

Fan Photographer booking information–studio name, website, price range, and preferred means of contact– will be added to a list shared on the Tekko website so attendees can find the right photographer for them. In addition, they’re granted exclusive access to the Photographer’s Lounge to meet clients and charge equipment.

There is no additional charge or special criteria for this designation, but you must have a public online photo gallery (Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or a personal webpage are all acceptable examples) and apply in advance of Tekko 2020.

For Photographers

We do not review galleries for skill level, only to confirm that services being advertised exist and that contact information is accurate. Anyone who books individual photoshoots may apply.

Fan photographers must follow all attendee rules which may be reviewed on the rules page . This designation does not grant backstage or guest access, authority to move attendees, or permission to set up a semi-permanent location, booth, or signage OR to use electrical outlets other than the ones provided in the Photographer’s Lounge.

Solicitation for paid shoots must be done online only. All payments must be arranged up front, before any photos are taken, and using an online service such as Paypal or Venmo rather than cash is HIGHLY encouraged.

The Photographer Lounge hours are TBD. Tekko staff is not liable for any equipment or personal items that are left unattended in the Photographer’s Lounge.

Violations or complaints may lead to this designation being revoked and your application denied for next year.

For Cosplayers

This badge designation is not an official endorsement of the photographer’s services. Please be sure to research and make sure that the photographer is a good fit for you.

You should agree on pricing, the time payment is due, and the amount of photos that are expected in written communication before the convention. We highly recommend using a service like Paypal or Venmo that has consumer protection policies for payment.

Photographers are not permitted to solicit for paid shoots at con. If someone takes your photo and then requests money, please contact a member of staff promptly.

It is always acceptable to bring a companion to a private shoot. If a photographer requests that you come alone, or to a location other than the one you have agreed upon, you have the right to refuse.

Areas off of the DLLCC property are not covered by liability insurance or media agreements. Please be aware that you shoot there at your own risk.

If you have any issues with a photographer, please contact for harassment related issues, or for issues regarding photo delivery post con.

Photo Galleries

Here are some photo galleries from Tekko, taken by our attendees!

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Events covered: Kigurumi Photoshoot

Photographer: Amanda Gunkle

2019 - Friday, Saturday

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Events covered: Hall Photos

Photographer: Amanda Gunkle

2019 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Events covered: Atlus/Persona Photoshoot

Photographer: Nicole Bargielski

2019 - Friday, Saturday

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Events covered: Hall photos, LoL & LoZ Photoshoots

Photographer: Olivia Brunermer

2019 - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Events covered: Hall Photos, Golden Hours on Roof, Dance Competition

Photographer: Yenra Photography

2019 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday