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Music Guests

James Landino

James Landino is an internationally recognized video game/anime composer and DJ based out of Los Angeles, California. His influence of electronic music bridges the gap of gaming, anime, and nightclub culture together, amassing millions of plays across multiple platforms.

He is best known for his work on the musically acclaimed video game NO STRAIGHT ROADS , along with other projects including TOWER OF GOD , CHUNITHM , OSU! , RWBY , CYTUS II , AMPLITUDE HD , and DROPMIX.

Once an audio developer for HARMONIX MUSIC SYSTEMS, James now works full time as an independent talent working with the entertainment industry’s best professionals. His notable clients include: SEGA , SQUARE ENIX , MONSTERCAT , AVEX , CRUNCHYROLL , and ROOSTER TEETH .

Amassing millions of plays across multiple platforms, James tours around the world at various events as a performer and speaker celebrating video games and anime, sharing the stage with renowned acts M-FLO , TEDDYLOID , and HYPER POTIONS . Recently he founded RARE DROP , a music publishing company dedicated to building talent within the video game music scene.

Takeru (sleepyhead)

Takeru is the representative director and president of akubi Inc. as well as the creator of the multidimensional project sleepyhead and clothing brand million dollar orchestrA.

Takeru was previously the vocalist of visual kei band SuG, who were active for 10 years and had performed at Nippon Budokan. SuG disbanded in December 2017.

In addition to his own projects, Takeru creates music and other media for various artists. Takeru's creative work ranges from storytelling to music, design, video direction, and writing.

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Born in New York, United States, NANO is an English-Japanese bilingual singer with powerful vocal talent who began her career in 2010 posting song cover videos to YouTube and other video sites, and has since nurtured a strong international fan base. Her first album release, "NANOir" came in March 2021, and the album cracked the top 10 of the Oricon Daily Rankings in Japan, a rarity for brand-new artists. Her third album, "Rock on." came in at 4th on the Oricon rankings in 2015, cementing NANO's place in the J-Pop scene.

In March 2013, NANO's first live concert "Remember your color." was held at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, which sold out 2500 tickets within the first day of ticket sales. Since then, NANO has conducted tours within Japan, as well as solo concerts overseas, including her first overseas concerts in Taiwan and Germany in 2015. In May 2018, NANO held her first concert performance in her native America and gave an outstanding performance for a packed crowd of 2800.

NANO's original YouTube content has generated over 100,000,000 views on YouTube, and her online live concert in 2020 was viewed both within Japan and in 23 nations and regions around the world. NANO's popularity continues to grow, with a voice that knows no borders.