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Cosplay & Performance

Official Cosplan Frames

Want to share your cosplans for Tekko this year? Feel free to use our special frames and share them on social media!

Download them here:

2 by 2 grid, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
single row of 4, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Cosplay Guests


ChibiTifa is a cosplayer & experienced seamstress from Maryland who has been in the hobby for over 15 years. Her passion for cosplay was ignited at her first ever anime convention which was Otakon 2002 and in 2004 she began her journey into the hobby. Since then, Tifa has made a vast array of costumes and has been a cosplay craftsmanship judge at several major conventions on the East Coast. As part of Team Stellar Rose, she was chosen to represent the US as Team USA 2021 at the World Cosplay Summit. Tifa makes it her mission to make the cosplay world more welcoming and diverse to any and all newcomers.



Photo credit: Solitadphoto


Nekoyasha is a long-time cosplayer from Ohio. She has been attending anime conventions since 2003 and creating cosplay since 2006. Over the years she has competed in cosplay contests for both craftsmanship and performance skits gaining awards along the way. In recent years, she has been working behind the scenes as a cosplay judge for local conventions. Forever swimming in a pile of spandex, she calls herself the “queen of using spandex in unconventional ways”. Nekoyasha is a huge advocate for diversity and accessibility in cosplay, and uplifting the black cosplay community.

Photo credit: Eeza Photo.


Vickybunnyangel is a Canadian cosplayer and Twitch Affiliate. She has dedicated herself to the art of cosplay for over a decade and received international acclaim for her work in magazines and numerous websites. During the pandemic she rediscovered the joy of streaming and created JRPG centered content in addition to cosplay. Vicky loves trying out new things and encourages others to get creative and innovative with their builds. From sewing, to thermoplastics, to dyeing, to 3D printing, Vicky does it all. She's worked with companies like Riot Games, Arda Wigs, Worbla North America, Redbull Gaming, Acer, Prime Video Canada, and Warner Brothers Canada.






Photo details: Vickybunnyangel as Technoblade Butterfly from Arena of Valor

Photo by Trickylove Photography


Enrana of Asgard is a cosplayer from the DMV area who officially started cosplaying in October of 2014, but has loved dressing in costumes her whole life. Her love of theater and performing started early as well. She has been performing onstage and entering cosplay contests for years, and has won several awards including placing Best Advanced in last year's masquerade. She is also a strong advocate for body positivity, anti bullying and living with disabilities since she herself has struggled with all and values their importance.

Photo by Lyst Photography

Momo Kariño

Momo Kariño is a veteran cosplayer, seamstress, artist, and designer, who strives to spread happiness and inspiration to all! Her experience as a seamstress ranges from theater, to fashion, parades, theme parks, and even bridal! Momo has won numerous awards for her creations, and has served as a craftsmanship judge at several cons all over the U.S.

Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

In the Craftsmanship Contest, cosplayers are judged on their ability to skillfully recreate a design in a private, scheduled interview with a panel of experienced judges. Please review all of the rules below before registering for this competition.

Thank you for attending Tekko 2021, come back later to see more updates for Tekko 2022!

Performance Contest

In the Performance Contest, cosplayers will take to the Main Stage and perform in front of a live audience. Performers are not judged on craftsmanship, only overall presentation. You may compete with bought or commissioned costumes.

Iron Cosplay

Iron Cosplay - Tekko

Join us for a fast-paced creative adventure, where you get to speed-build costumes, and maybe sabotage your friends a little bit along the way! The audience will be split into teams and must choose their Cosplay Champions to create the ultimate costume and win the competition! Champions will have to use scrap cosplay materials and their imagination to make a kick-ass costume before the time runs out. If you're not a creative type, never fear! Audience participation will be paramount in helping your team win this event. Compete in mini-games in order to sabotage other teams, or to help your team receive items that will help them build their costume! All sorts of entertainment, inventiveness, and mischief will be had! Don't miss out on this outrageous event!

Cosplay Repair Station

You are now entering Hangar Bay 16 aka Cosplay Repair! We are a highly skilled group of Cosplayers and enthusiasts here to help you fix your minor costume and prop mishaps.

This FREE service is available for all with badges to the convention!

You will recognize our staff by their aprons and CRC badges. We will also have a Cosplay Medic wandering the convention to help with on the spot needs.

We have dressing rooms and stations for Wigs, Glues and adhesives, Sewing, general repair and paint. Our staff is knowledgeable in all areas. We are a safe space where you can change outfits, fix items (yes, even your pants for you non-cosplayers!) and prepare for judging.

Cosplay Guest Suggestions

Would you or someone you know make an amazing cosplay-themed guest at Tekko? Let us know who you want to see and why!