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Cosplay & Performance

Cosplay Guests

Ely Renae

Ely Renae (she/her) is a local cosplay commissioner from Pittsburgh, PA. She started cosplay in 2012, and enjoys building large armor pieces and working with body paint! About 5 years ago, Ely took her love of her cosplay hobby and started Kangaroomis - a costume company that creates handmade fleece dresses, rompers, and accessories. Ely is a firm advocate that cosplay is for everyone, and she strives to make sure to have fully inclusive sizing, as well as custom sizing for all body types. Since starting Kangaroomis, she has created over 500 costumes for customers all over the world.



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Craftsmanship Judges


Elaine, aka Slothtier, has been cosplaying since 2012. Specializing in wig styling and construction, they have made three different versions of Jolyne Cujoh from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean. They were a second place novice winner of the Animarathon Masquerade, and won third place in Colossalcon Prime’s first annual wig styling contest. Elaine has also sewn and styled wigs professionally for a handful of years before the pandemic. Elaine cosplays a wide range of genres including Fire Emblem, The Adventure Zone, Sailor Moon, their own Dungeons and Dragons OCs, and the aforementioned JJBA. As a newly inducted yinzer this is Elaine’s first Tekko and is thrilled to be guesting!






After putting together her first cosplay for Tekkoshocon 2008, Risuruuu has been cosplaying for nearly 13 years strong and still moving! Risuruuu believes everyone should be able to cosplay the characters they love and has presented cosplaying panels at other Pennsylvania conventions such as Setsucon and Hazardcon. She has had opportunities cosplaying for companies such as VIZ Media and Sentai Filmworks promoting some of her favorite anime such as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and No Game No Life. With Tekko being very close to her heart, Risuruuu is very excited to be assisting for this year's show!





Akakioga Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2014, but has been in the convention scene since 2006. An anime, video game, and comics lover, her cosplays spread far and wide between all three genres, sharing that love in all the cosplays she creates. She specializes in craftsmanship, focusing on sewing and eva foam/worbla armor crafting!

Akakioga is also a huge advocate for people of color in the cosplay world. By using her social media platforms to spread positive representation, she aspires to raise awareness and bring inclusivity into the cosplay community!




Performance Judges


Known as costay.moo on Instagram, Taylor has been cosplaying since 2017, and has made a name for herself recently on social media. With TEKKO as her home convention, she also travels the east coast and Midwest to experience more conventions! As a well known cosplayer, Taylor’s goal is to make others laugh, as well as help others learn more about cosplay. This includes wig styling, makeup tips, cosplay making, and more! This will be Taylor’s first time judging at TEKKO, and she’s excited to host a panel dedicated to various cosplay makeup and techniques.




AgapeCos has been cosplaying since 2011, Tekko being her hometown convention. She has been traveling the East Coast and MidWest for conventions, growing her craft and promoting body positivity, showing that anyone can cosplay. Cosplays by Agape are on a wide spectrum from Anime, Pop Culture/Movies, Video Games, and Comics/Manga! Her social media focus’s on sharing convention experiences, as well as helping people learn to healthy budgeting techniques for cosplay and conventions! This is Agape’s first time judging for Tekko’s Masquerade, and her 8th year attending Tekko! Her goal is to promote positivity, acceptance, and spread love in the cosplay community!





Hal Gwyne

Hal Gwyne is a cosplay veteran of 10+ years, and has grown up with Tekko as his hometown con. He has won two awards from Sangawa Project for cosplay craftsmanship as well as cosplay acting. Having many cosplays he has done so far, he has been growing his knowledge of crafting cosplay. This year will be his first year for judging at this year's Performance, and be judging as his interpretation of Alastor from Hazbin Hotel.

Cosplay Guest Panels

In addition to hosting performances and competitions, our guests will also be hosting panels at the convention! See below for more information.

Slothtier: Get Wiggy With It

Have you ever struggled getting your wig’s bangs to be styled the right way? How about making spikes that defy gravity, like Sora from Kingdom Hearts? If that sounds like you, come to Slothtier Cosplay’s Get Wiggy With It panel and they can answer your hardest hitting and hairy questions.

Akagioga: Cosplay & Diversity

A fun and insightful discussion about how to help the cosplay community become more inclusive to cosplayers of all backgrounds! No matter what size, shape, gender/sexuality, race or creed you may belong to, cosplay is for EVERYONE no matter what!

Hal Gwyne: Cosplay Acting 101 Extravaganza

This panel will be a cosplay acting 101 tutorial.There will be a slideshow of steps on how to roleplay as one's cosplay character as well as some acting games for the audience to take part in. There will also be prizes for any participating audience members.

Cosplay Budgeting 101

Have you ever wanted to learn how to save money but also create amazing cosplay? Come learn about budgeting techniques, as well as easy pointers to help your con experience be less stressful and save you money!

Crunching the Con-Crunch: Making Appropriate Time for Cosplay

Do you find yourself struggling to finish your cosplay in time for the convention? Believe it or not, sleepless nights and increasing your stress levels aren’t the best way to make sure you complete everything. Learn about how to budget your time for your cosplay creations and shortcuts to getting back on your feet when all hope seems lost before the con~

Crafting to Career

Do you have a lot of creative energy, and want to try selling your work? Or maybe do you have a really cool product, but just don't know where to start? Come learn all about how to turn your artistic endeavors into a thriving business! Learn how to choose what customers will want to buy, advertise, grow customer support, build and organize inventory, price products, and more. We'll teach you all you need to know to turn your hobby into a creative empire! There will be a Q&A at the end of the panel for any additional questions you may have!

Cosplay Makeup 101

Cosplay makeup is a diverse aspect of every cosplayers hobby, but are you doing it correctly? Costay.moo is hosting a panel dedicated to instructing all types of cosplay makeup and styles, as well as informing about harmful makeup techniques that affect various races. If you want to learn more about how to achieve long lasting makeup for conventions, or the stage makeup for tiktok, this panel is for you!

Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

In the Craftsmanship Contest, cosplayers are judged on their ability to skillfully recreate a design in a private, scheduled interview with a panel of experienced judges. Please review all of the rules below before registering for this competition.

Thank you for attending Tekko 2021, come back later to see more updates for Tekko 2022!

Performance Contest

In the Performance Contest, cosplayers will take to the Main Stage and perform in front of a live audience. Performers are not judged on craftsmanship, only overall presentation. You may compete with bought or commissioned costumes.

Iron Cosplay

Join us for a fast-paced creative adventure, where you get to speed-build costumes, and maybe sabotage your friends a little bit along the way! The audience will be split into teams and must choose their Cosplay Champions to create the ultimate costume and win the competition! Champions will have to use scrap cosplay materials and their imagination to make a kick-ass costume before the time runs out. If you're not a creative type, never fear! Audience participation will be paramount in helping your team win this event. Compete in mini-games in order to sabotage other teams, or to help your team receive items that will help them build their costume! All sorts of entertainment, inventiveness, and mischief will be had! Don't miss out on this outrageous event!

Cosplay Repair Station

You are now entering Hangar Bay 16 aka Cosplay Repair! We are a highly skilled group of Cosplayers and enthusiasts here to help you fix your minor costume and prop mishaps.

This FREE service is available for all with badges to the convention!

You will recognize our staff by their aprons and CRC badges. We will also have a Cosplay Medic wandering the convention to help with on the spot needs.

We have dressing rooms and stations for Wigs, Glues and adhesives, Sewing, general repair and paint. Our staff is knowledgeable in all areas. We are a safe space where you can change outfits, fix items (yes, even your pants for you non-cosplayers!) and prepare for judging.

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Cosplay Guest Suggestions

Would you or someone you know make an amazing cosplay-themed guest at Tekko? Let us know who you want to see and why!