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Cosplay & Masquerade

Cosplay Guests


Akakioga Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2014, but has been in the convention scene since 2006. An anime, video game, and comics lover, her cosplays spread far and wide between all three genres, sharing that love in all the cosplays she creates. She specializes in craftsmanship, focusing on sewing and eva foam/worbla armor crafting!

Akakioga is also a huge advocate for people of color in the cosplay world. By using her social media platforms to spread positive representation, she aspires to raise awareness and bring inclusivity into the cosplay community!

Hal Gwyne

Hal Gwyne is a cosplay veteran of 10+ years, and has grown up with Tekko as his hometown con. He has won two awards from Sangawa Project for cosplay craftsmanship as well as cosplay acting. Having many cosplays he has done so far, he has been growing his knowledge of crafting cosplay. This year will be his first year for judging at this year's Masquerade, and be judging as his interpretation of Alastor from Hazbin Hotel.

Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

In the Craftsmanship Contest, cosplayers are judged on the construction and accuracy of their costume in a private, scheduled interview with a panel of experienced judges. Please review the all of the rules below before registering for this competition.

Masquerade Contest

In the Performance Contest, cosplayers will take to the Main Stage and perform in front of a live audience. Performers are not judged on craftsmanship, only overall presentation. You may compete with bought or commissioned costumes.

Cosplay Repair Station

You are now entering Hangar Bay 16 aka Cosplay Repair! We are a highly skilled group of Cosplayers and enthusiasts here to help you fix your minor costume and prop mishaps.

This FREE service is available for all with badges to the convention!

You will recognize our staff by their aprons and CRC badges. We will also have a Cosplay Medic wandering the convention to help with on the spot needs.

We have dressing rooms and stations for Wigs, Glues and adhesives, Sewing, general repair and paint. Our staff is knowledgeable in all areas. We are a safe space where you can change outfits, fix items (yes, even your pants for you non-cosplayers!) and prepare for judging.

Social Media Cosplay Frames

Want to share your cosplans for Tekko 2021 with us? Official templates coming soon!

Cosplay Guest Suggestions

Would you or someone you know make an amazing cosplay-themed guest at Tekko? Let us know who you want to see and why!