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It's finally here, the schedule you've all been waiting for!


Let's make a couple notes while we have you here.

  1. The schedule is not done improving , but even now it's a big improvement over last year's, wouldn't you say? Just toggle that version back and forth to see some of the differences. We asked your feedback at the end of Tekko 2022, and we did our best to address the feedback with these changes.

  2. The print feature has been temporarily removed, as it was creating some big challenges that weren't easy to squeeze in this year. According to feedback, most people did not use it or want to use it anyway, but it's worth noting. The printable version is now available separately.

  3. We suggest to maximize the embedded schedule, it's a much better experience that way. That's the big square in the top right, just like you're used to in Windows.

  4. If there's something you don't like, or something confused you, or maybe you just want to say some kind words, please don't hesitate to reach out to with any feedback. Please be kind, as we work very hard on this! NOTE: The web team is not responsible for the contents of the schedule, only the functionality . For anything related to events, please reach out to . For anything else not directly related to website functionality, please reach out to .

  5. Finally, if you're wondering why we do things the way we do, we wrote a special blog entry just for you! ;)

Come meet our featured Voice Actors in the Exhibition Hall! Times are subject to change based on panels they are hosting and breaks they take. Please come prepared with a face mask as some may require them.