Tekko Rules & Regulations

Attendance Rules

  • Age Restrictions

    • Tekko is an all-ages event.

      • All children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

    • A government issued ID is required to attend 18+ events

  • Badges

    • Badges are required for attendance at all Pittsburgh JCS Inc. events.

    • Any attendees found with a counterfeit badge will be removed from the event and blacklisted from future PittJCS shows.

  • All Badge Sales Are Final except where otherwise noted.

    • Badge pricing will be posted at the Registration Counter and is subject to change at any time.

    • Badges must be worn in a visible and appropriate location at all times.

    • Badges may be removed while actively performing on stage or temporarily for photographs.

    • Lost badges will not be replaced. If it is lost, you will be required to purchase a new badge at the current price. However, if the original badge is later found, it may be brought back to the registration desk to receive a refund.

    • If an attendee is ejected from the event for any reason, a refund will not be issued for their badge.

    • The production, sale, or use of counterfeit badges is prohibited. This also includes alteration of a purchased badge to gain access and/or knowingly purchasing and/or utilizing a counterfeit badge.

      • Penalties may include:

      • Ejection from the event.

      • Blacklisting from future Pittsburgh JCS Inc. events.

      • Notification sent to other conventions regarding actions taken.

      • Prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Standard of Dress

    • Genitalia must be reasonably covered at all times.

    • Any graphic or vivid outline of genitalia that is visible is not permitted. (i.e. if we can see the details of what’s beneath your underwear, you will be asked to pad or cover it.)

    • Footwear is mandatory at all times.

      1. Clear/Invisible shoes are permitted.

    • Garments with obscene or profane images and/or text are prohibited.

    • Garments offering “Free Hugs” or similar are prohibited.

    • Those who fail to comply will be asked to remedy the issue or leave the premises until they are properly attired.

  • Standard of Conduct

    • A basic standard of decency towards those around you should be adhered to at all times.

    • No running while attending the event.

    • The use of skates, skateboards, heelies, trampoline shoes, and recreational mobility items are prohibited.

    • Engaging in violence or fighting is prohibited.

      • Anyone who does so will be ejected from the event.

    • When in line for events, please wait in a single file line.

      • You may not save a spot in line for a friend, leave the line and come back to the same spot, or “cut” in line.

    • The sale of any item(s) or service(s) is prohibited unless you are an official event Vendor or Artist and you are in the designated area.

      • Any paid cosplay photography shoots must be arranged pre-con. Please see the Fan Photographers section for more information.

    • Visible intoxication is prohibited and violators will be escorted to facility security unless otherwise specified.

    • Consumption of alcohol outside specific events is prohibited unless otherwise stated.

    • There is to be no smoking inside of the event venue.

      • This includes but is not limited to Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, and E-Cigs.

      • Chewing tobacco is also prohibited.

    • All local, state and federal laws apply inside the confines of the event.

Prop Rules

All props must follow all other rules (i.e.: Nothing vulgar).

  • You may be asked to store or remove from the floor, any prop at any time by event or facility staff.

  • You may be asked to store large props which impede traffic flow.

  • All prop weapons or large props must be checked by event staff.

    • This will be done at designated Prop Check areas.

      • Prop Check will follow these guidelines:

      • If it is illegal in the City of Pittsburgh and/or State of Pennsylvania it is prohibited.

      • NO EXPLOSIVES or CHEMICALS of any kind including, but not limited to: smoke powder, sparklers, or fireworks of any kind.

      • No functioning projectile weapons of any kind will be permitted including:

        • Airsoft guns.

        • BB and other pellet guns.

        • Bows, crossbows, dart guns, and blowguns.

        • Water guns and/or pistols.

        • Stun guns and tasers.

        • Nerf guns or similar.

      • Non-functioning weapons will be permitted.

        • Props must have no way to load or fire any type of ammunition. All realistic guns are required to have an orange safety tip and have no ammunition inside.

        • Anyone found carrying a prop with ammunition in it will be immediately removed from the convention and have their badge revoked.

      • Prop bows may be carried in the convention space.

        • They must not be strung with authentic bowstring, and any alternative material (twine, yarn, any other non-functioning material) used must not be attached to the bow in a taut (tight) fashion.

        • All bows must comply with all other general policies.

        • Prop or toy arrows clearly marked as such are allowed.

        • Authentic arrows (tipped or non-tipped), including crossbow bolts and other projectiles, will NOT be permitted.

      • No exposed live steel or sharp edges of any kind are permitted.

        • Live steel is defined as swords, knives, or any other object, which can take an edge or point.

        • Live Steel IS permitted as long as it is peace bound in its sheath during the convention. (Peace binding is when the prop is made so that it can not be used. I.E. trigger pulled or sword unsheathed)

      • Weapons will be peace bound at the convention’s discretion.

      • Staves, bo sticks, boken, shinai, and wooden swords will be permitted as long as they are handled responsibly and meet all other criteria.

      • Fake, prop, or made-up weapons (i.e. made of plastic, cardboard, tissue paper, plaster of Paris, cloth) are permitted.

        • These items must not impede traffic flow or be dangerous to others.

        • Behavior with Weapons/Props:

          • Misuse of a weapon or prop, such as swinging it in a public area or posing a hazard to others, will result in the weapon or prop being deemed unsafe for the convention, and you will be asked to remove the item from the convention center.

          • Any edged or other non-permitted weapons purchased from a designated event vendor must be either peace bound or boxed and removed from the event immediately.

          • Any item that poses a potential safety hazard may need to be removed from the event.

            • This includes any costume, prop, or accessory that obstructs doors or hallways, or otherwise poses any kind of danger to other attendees, staff, or convention center property.

          • When in doubt, check with event staff.

Dance Party Rules

  • All items are prohibited in the dance with the following exceptions:

    • Small bags no larger than 8” X 4” X 4”

    • Dance/Flow Items

      • Approved Dance/Flow Items include:

        • Light whips (Ribbon Consistency)

        • Poi (swinging balls)

        • Hula Hoops

        • Others will be approved on a case by case basis

      • Flow props must be made of plastic or similar materials and may not be made of glass or metal

    • Smaller props less than 3 feet in length

  • If any of these items are brought in, they are subject to search by a member of PittJCS Security staff at staff’s discretion.

  • Prohibited items include water bottles, backpacks, larger bags, etc. If you have a large bag, please take it to Bag Check or leave it in your hotel room and/or vehicle.

  • Any prop/flow items must be handled responsibly with other attendee’s safety in mind. Be mindful of people around you while dancing.

  • Costumes that are unable to reasonably fit through the ballroom door are prohibited in the dance.

  • PittJCS will not hold, watch, or in any way assume responsibility for any items left in and around the dance.

  • A badge must be displayed at all times.

  • Intoxicated persons will be escorted out of the event.

  • Footwear is required at all times.

  • No laying down or sleeping.

  • No standing on furniture or fixtures.

  • Access to the stage or to backstage is prohibited.

  • No photography during concerts unless explicitly permitted.

Video/Audio Photography Policy

General Rules for Press (Print and Broadcast)

  • Any video or audio recordings of Tekko-sponsored events (such as Panels, Guests, Cocktail Hours, etc.) are not to be uploaded to the Internet, posted on websites, social-media platforms or made available to the public in their entirety. Only brief highlight clips are permitted. Additional use will be in strict violation of the copyrights held by Tekko and the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society.

  • All video recording containing audio of licensed third-party content must have the audio removed prior to posting of convention highlights. Compliance to copyright rules of the artist, Production Company and/or brand.

  • Any video or audio recordings of PittJCS-sponsored events must be permitted, ideally in writing, by the intended person(s). Disruption of the event experience for attendees, guests and staff is strictly prohibited.

General Rules for Attendees

  • The use of tripods and light stands will only be allowed on a case-by case basis and must not interfere with traffic flow of the convention attendees, due to safety concerns. Backdrops, seating, or other large features are strictly forbidden.

  • Video/audio recordings of panels, with or without tripods, will only be permitted with consent from individual panelists.

  • Request or approach of attendees for paid photography is prohibited during the event. Only prior, advanced-booking photography will be permitted.

  • Tekko’s guests, attendees and staff have a right to maintain their privacy. No video/audio recordings of the musical guests/bands, individual attendees/staff, or of a particular event, will be permitted unless written permission is obtained, in advance. Verbal permission will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

  • The usage of videography and photographic devices is strictly prohibited in the viewing rooms, gaming room area, and the Escape Room.

  • Tekko reserves the right to take photographs, videos, or recordings during the operation of the Escape Room or part thereof and to use the resulting photographs, videos, or recordings in whole or in part for promotional purposes, including, but not limited to: advertising and publicity both in print and electronic media. By booking a reservation with Tekko’s Escape Room event, participants agree to allow their images to be used in such photography; participants who prefer that their image not be used are asked to identify themselves to the Escape Room staff prior to entry into the Escape Room Event. We also reserve the right to use, in all or in part, any written reviews you may provide to us in our advertising and publicity both in print and electronic media.

  • Photography within the Vendors’ room is at the discretion of the individual vendor. Permission must be obtained from the vendor for videography and/or photography of any kind.

Harassment Policy

Harassment of any kind is not tolerated at any Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society event. The safety and well-being of our attendees, guests, and staff is of the utmost importance.

  • Harassment is defined by the victim.

  • Harassment can include but is not limited to:

    • Intentionally making another uncomfortable.

    • Physical or verbal assault.

    • This could include offensive jokes or comments that you may believe to be ultimately harmless.

    • Bullying or discrimination of any kind.

    • Intimidation, stalking, and/or unwelcome physical attention.

    • Non-consensual flirtation or sexual advances.

    • Non-consensual photography or recording.

    • Bathroom policing (The act of harassing someone for using the bathroom of the gender they identify with).

  • Reporting

    • We encourage you to make reports as soon as possible so that the situation can be dealt with immediately.

    • If you feel that you are being harassed by anyone (attendee, staff, guest, press, venue personnel, etc.), please report it immediately to a member of our security staff.

    • If you are not comfortable speaking with a member of our security staff, the Harassment Response Officer will be available at any time by calling 866-767-9708 ext. 1.

    • E-mail reporting can be sent to

  • Consequences of Harassment

    • At the discretion of the Harassment Response Officer (HRO) and in no specific order:

      • Verbal warnings may be issued only once.

      • Immediate ejection from the event with no refund.

      • Placement upon a blacklist for all future PittJCS events.

      • Law enforcement authorities will be notified where appropriate.

Disability Accommodations

If your disability requires special accommodations, please contact our staff. Staff will review and address these needs on a case by case basis.

  • Onsite please go to Convention Operations

  • Pre-Show please E-mail

  • The use of motored and non-motored wheelchairs, crutches, canes, and other personal mobility items for those who are permanently or temporarily disabled are permitted at all times.

  • Service animals such as guide dogs are permitted at all times.


A three strikes policy will be enforced.

  • Minor Infractions:

    • Strikes or “Badge Punches” may be issued by members of the event Security, Operations, or Executive staff.

      • Violators with three strikes will have their badge confiscated without refund and will be ejected.

      • Strikes may be appealed to our Convention Operations Staff and Event Planning Committee, however EPC decisions are final.

  • Severe Infractions:

    • Violators shall have their badge confiscated without refund and will be ejected.

    • Ejections may be appealed to our Convention Operations Staff and Event Planning Committee, however EPC decisions are final.

    • Violators shall be turned over to Facility Security Staff when warranted.

    • Public authorities will be contacted when warranted.


Per the DLCC FAQ , only special needs dogs are permitted inside the building.

Special needs dogs are permitted when properly identified and must be on a leash at all times. Aside from special need dogs, no animals are permitted in the DLCC.

We love animals as much as anyone, but we have to respect the convention center's requirements.