Why Tekko Moved to July

Why Did Tekko Move to July?

In a recent email, we communicated that in 2021, Tekko would be moving to the third week in July. This has brought up a lot of questions. We want to take this opportunity to be open with the community and answer a few of them:

  • Did Tekko really want to move to July?

    No, it was ultimately not our choice to move. More specifically, our convention center was unavailable to us from March through June (with the exception of Easter weekend) and the July weekend that we landed on was the only choice.

  • Did you consider other dates throughout the year?

    Yes, we did look at dates both around April and later in the year. Unfortunately, those dates saw event conflicts. Plus, locally speaking, running into football season causes an added level of challenges, especially during home games.

  • Did you consider providing less content and sharing the center with other events?

    Yes, we did consider this possibility. Unfortunately, there wasn’t another event we could pair with, in that 4-5 month timeframe, that would allow us to provide the level of content we want to be able to provide.

  • Did you discuss this with other conventions?

    Yes, we did reach out to many of the conventions we now run up against. There was a great deal of support as many of those events have been in very similar positions in the past.

We understand that members of the community are concerned with this change since summer is a busy time. Hopefully, this clarifies our reasoning behind this decision. We are grateful to have a community that actively wants to see us succeed. Thank you for your continued feedback.