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Schedule Update

What's With The Schedule??

Why Thunder Events?

So maybe you're looking at the schedule thinking, why doesn't Tekko just use <your favorite schedule app>?!

First of all, hey, we work hard on that! But we get it, why would we work so hard on something that's already done in a way that's good enough?

I'll give you a couple good reasons!

For one, it's prohibitively expensive. You might not know this, but most of those apps are free for you, because they cost us a ton of money! Remember that fundraiser we did? This is another effort to help Tekko by contributing bunches of hard work so Tekko doesn't have to pay a big time fee for a big time app.

Ultimately, it always comes back to expenses, but it branches off in several ways. Once we really find our groove with the new stuff coming down the pipeline, our website and volunteer tools are going to become more and more cohesive. This is great for convenience as well as trimming more costs for all the different apps we need to use to make this show happen.

Of course, it's very difficult to get things done in our downtime, we're all just volunteers after all... so if you're an aspiring developer, please join the web team as a volunteer to help us code this stuff! We'd be happy to have you. Please email for more details.

Why is the schedule always so late?

It's so close to the show, and still no schedule! What gives??

Well not to be that guy, but it cannot be overstated how we are just a big group of volunteers who do this for free because we're passionate about the event and the fandom. Most if not all of us have day jobs, some of us have kids, and all of us have regular lives.

But we're not just here to make excuses and plead for forgiveness. There's actually a very real, very simple explanation for the long wait - scheduling requires the collaboration of every department across the organization, and that is a challenge in itself. There's not one person to rush along, there's not even a small team, there's a whole herd to rally.

And, let's be real, even though it can be a little chaotic at times, we love doing it. We love doing it for you , our attendees, our fellow fans. So remember to breathe a sigh of relief that it's finally here, and just enjoy the show!