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Web Team Update

Web Team Update 6/10/2022

Hello world!

The web team at Tekko works diligently behind the scenes to provide content updates, but we don't usually pop out to say hi. As the web team lead, I feel it's important to have transparency with our loyal convention-goers, so I will do my best to make these updates periodically from now on.

First, a quick rundown on how we operate. There's two halves to the team:

  1. Content

    • Our content editors receive requests from all other departments, and then make updates accordingly as soon as time permits.

  2. Code and design

    • Those working on the code, myself mainly, are concerned with how the site looks and functions.

What's on the horizon?

I've been helping Tekko for years by now, and the next step in my personal career was to launch a web design/software business of my own. With this change, I've gotten the green light from Tekko leadership to move ownership of the website to this new business, Thunder Solutions . Tekko will serve as our guinea pig to field test a lot of our latest software. We will continue providing all of this work at a 100% discount, so we're happy to utilize the opportunity and we hope you'll give us lots of constructive feedback.

So what does this mean for the website?

Well the most exciting news is our move to handle event scheduling in-house. You will no longer need to download the Guidebook app to view Tekko's schedule of events, and it also means you won't have to view a PDF on the website— sorry about that by the way! (@_@) It was the only choice on such short notice. If you're curious about what this looks like, check out our live demo . We'll be making a few tweaks to the interface to make it easier to use, but feel free to send us your feedback before the next Tekko!

On the topic of improving user experience, we will also be making some changes that will allow other departments to manage their own content, and directly update the pages they own. At the moment, the service we use only permits a limited number of users. When we finish our work, this limitation will be removed. All this to say, announcements and updates on the website should be less delayed after that.

Can I help?

Absolutely, you can. If you just want to help us manage the website content, it requires no experience, and our content editors would thank you for easing their workload a bit. We are all volunteers here, after all! Since our standard staff applications are for at-show volunteers, you'll want to send an email to both and .

If you are a web developer looking to help out on the website, you can reach out to and ask about a possible internship. We can definitely use the help. If you've seen bugs here and there, chances are high that we're aware but haven't had time to address them yet. If you join the team, you can help us squash them once and for all!