Autograph Policy

New Autograph Policy 2022

Dear Tekko Faithful,

We’d like to inform you of an update to our autograph policy that will go in effect starting this July. Following the standard of many other conventions and events, Voice Actor autographs will no longer be free. While this won’t be new for many, we wanted to communicate this as soon as we had the following information. Please keep in mind that every VA guest will be different, and other types of guests may offer free signing, but here there are some general guidelines.

  • All VAs will have a “general signature”. These will typically range from $30 to $50 and may include 8.5” x 11” prints, your attendee badge, manga, small posters etc. 

  • Some VAs will have a “premium signature” which may include props, action figures, funko pops, oversized prints, etc. and will typically range from $40 to $100. Many of these items must be supplied by the attendee. 

  • A select few will support “specialty requests” such as selfies, recorded quotes, etc. and if they are willing these range from $40 to $100.

Additionally, we are increasing autograph signing hours. In the past, autographs were limited to 3 hours over the entire weekend. Now our VA guests will be available for the majority of our Exhibition Hall hours, equating to over 15 hours of autograph access. A more exact autograph schedule will be posted in the coming weeks.

VIP badge holders, such as Rockstar and Premium Badge holders, will still have early access, each morning, to the exhibition hall for autograph lines.


  1. Why is this happening? This update has been coming for some time. Most VAs have requested this, since it translates to greater financial benefits to them.

  2. Is this because of the fundraiser? No, this change was requested, long before the need for a fundraiser. While it may help us bring more prominent voice actors, it definitely serves to better support our guests.

  3. When will you post the autograph signing hours? This will be posted around the same time as the release of our event schedule, normally posted one week before con.

  4. Can I bring an item to the con for a VA Guest to sign? Absolutely! Please remember that if your item is a prop, you must follow prop guidelines outlined on our website at: