COVID-19 NOTICE: Masks and vaccinations will be required for Tekko 2022. Read more

COVID-19 Policy

Latest Info for Tekko 2022

We are making an update to our attendance policy. For Tekko 2022, this July, we will be asking that everyone in attendance be fully vaccinated . We believe that this is the best decision for the community and is the decision many events are making. This unfortunately does mean that anyone four years of age and younger will not be able to join us until vaccination availability changes. Masks will be required . We are still working on the details of mask requirements and will be communicating those updates as soon as they are available.

We do strongly encourage everyone to get a booster, but they will not be required at this time . This may change in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out for updates. We are tentatively planning to use VaxYes again, but do still plan to accept paper copies.

Additional information about medical exemptions will be released in a future update.

As always we thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. Stay safe!