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Music Guests


BURNOUT SYNDROMES is a Japanese Rock Band from Osaka, formed in 2005.

They always challenge the limit of a 3 piece band with their poetic lyrics emphasizing the beauty of Japanese sound and original sound, which colorizes the worldview of songs.

In 2010, They won the second Grand Prix at "Senkou Rionette(閃光ライオット)," the band audition for teens held by TOKYO FM. In March 2016, they released debut single "FLY HIGH!!", and the title song "FLY HIGH!!" was used as the opening theme for the anime "Haikyu!! Second Season".

After the debut, their song "Hikariare(ヒカリアレ)" and "PHOENIX" was chosen as the opening theme for the anime "Haikyu!!" three times in a row for the first time.

Also, their 3rd single title song "Hanaichimonme(花一匁)" was used as the ending theme for the anime "Gintama," and their 4th single title song "Good Morning World!" was used as the opening theme for the anime "Dr.STONE.“

In 2020, they produced a virtual artist called "HXEROS SYNDROMES" only for the anime "Super HxEros," and they wrote the opening theme featuring with Retto Enjyou (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) named "Wake Up H×ERO!"

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Jonathan Young

Tekko is happy to annouce that  Jonathan Young Music  singer, songwriter & producer who independently built a career with millions of listeners with his viral music videos on YouTube. Will be joining us this year! See some info about him below! After gaining popularity online with hundreds of covers of nostalgic & nerdy songs from Disney, Anime & more, Young expanded into space-pirate-keytar-metal with the all-original album, Starship Velociraptor. In addition to his own music, Jonathan Young has been involved in music for franchises such as Dragonball, Beyblade & Magic: The Gathering. Jonathan also owns a music company that produces music for content creators such as Caleb Hyles, Peyton Parrish, Annapantsu, Cristina Vee & more ~ and he also co-produces with Howard Benson (who produced My Chemical Romance, Skillet & more) and Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace). 

Caleb Hyles

Caleb Hyles first made waves when he released his cover of “Let It Go” on YouTube in 2014. Millions of homes around the world were enchanted by his riveting and theatrical covers o fDisney, Broadway, Anime, and pop-rock hits. YouTube allowed for Caleb’s vast talents and warm, infectious personality to shine through with every cover, and fans quickly fell in love.

Generations of passionate musicians helped cultivate the dynamic and diverse musical tastes and talents behind Caleb Hyles. Touched by the sheer joy music brought his parents, Caleb felt inspired to chase that joy and share it with others.

Currently YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch allow Caleb an outlet to share his renditions of popular songs and connect with people across the globe. To help further bring his covers to life, Caleb has been making appearances at dozens of conventions across the United States and Canada.

Over the years of pouring himself into his work and creating exciting, diverse content for his fans, Caleb has amassed a close-knit fanbase consisting of 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 million monthly Spotify listeners. Fans eagerly seek out Caleb’s larger-than-life voice taking on their favorite songs and breathing new life in them.

And fans aren’t the only ones to take notice of Caleb's massive talents. Television shows and video series like “RWBY” and “Nintendo Minute” have called on Caleb to sing for them.

With momentum at an all time high, Caleb is looking to embark on the next step of his journey. Sharing more of himself than ever before, January 2021 will see the release of his first original works with his debut album, In One Breath. Don’t miss your chance to embark on this new adventure with him.


Come sing your heart out at Tekko's Karaoke events!

We will be doing 2 karaoke events this year:

Tekko Karaoke:

Friday 9pm to 11pm @Panel Room 2

Pop-Up Kigu Karaoke Party:

Saturday 6:30pm to 8:30pm @Panel Room 2