For years, Pittsburgh has been plagued by evil monsters dwelling in the three rivers. That is, until a bold scientist invented her pilotable AI companion, Tekkobot, to defend the city together!

Art by Tekko creative team members - Kelly Campbell, Jeremy Calvert, and Jon DeWitt.

Our creative team went all in on this effort together, and we couldn't be more proud of the result. At Tekko 2019, we chose to take the mecha theme to new lengths and keep our new robot friend around as our permanent mascot.

Since then, Tekkobot has made his appearance in several different places, and in several different ways! In addition to various art from our own creative team artists, he has permeated the surrounding culture as well, earning his own card in the Galatune trading card game!

As perhaps the highest of our achievements so far, we even brought Tekkobot to life by crafting a wearable cosplay! He can be found not only in the halls of Tekko, but sometimes even our convention partners as well.

The Cosplay

This amazing work of art was created by the now Tekko creative team project manager, Devin Seman, and his partner Jill Cope. Devin is a special effects engineer, and graced Tekko with the opportunity to utilize those skills to breathe life into Tekkobot!

This was a unique project, as each piece was 3D printed from a model designed by Jill on a computer, then sanded, painted, and assembled into the wearable parts of the costume we see today.

Devin's brother, Nick, has been the actor behind the mask, and together they've been traveling to different cities attending conventions on behalf of Tekko. Keep your eyes open and Tekkobot may come to a convention near you!

You can see some snapshots of this process right here on this page, but if you want a more in-depth look, follow @djseffects on Instagram!

Galatune Card

We were excited when the team behind the awesome card game Galatune reached out to us about creating a special card just for Tekkobot. As you can see for yourself, the result was stunning! Tekko, and the original artists behind Tekkobot, are honored to see our mascot represented in such an amazing way.

Not only is the artwork great, but it even expands upon the lore behind Tekkobot. Don't worry, everything you read was a collaboration between our creative team and Galatune, so we made sure it's all canon. ;)

The art was done by the amazing Yamerpro, whose work you can find on . You can follow her on Twitter too!

More Tekkobot Art

Now that he's been established, Tekkobot continues to find himself in various places in Tekko merch, and in a variety of styles. He can be cool, cute, or anywhere in between! Check out some of the art we've used to market Tekko so far.

Credit goes to Tekko creative team members: Kelly Campbell, Jeremy Calvert, Jon DeWitt, Emmy Manning, and Kristin Bongiorni.