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Industry Guests

Nancy Kepner

Nancy Kepner loves to joke around with her friends about the ridiculous things that happen in the crazy world of fandom and in everyday life. It’s easy for her because, at heart, she’s just a huge fan who sets her love of all things fandom related to music. Armed with a guitar and clever song lyrics, Nancy Kepner has performed songs such as “The Explaining Anime to Your Parents song,” “Santa doesn’t understand your fandom,” and “Graduating Hogwarts” at numerous conventions. She currently has three albums full of these hilarious songs available for purchase on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon and is thrilled to share them with all of you!!

You can also find her all year round on her YouTube channel, HeartfeltHumor , delighting viewers with original compositions, live performances, and the occasional music video. If there’s something ridiculous that happens in fandom, Nancy has probably written a song about it. And if she hasn’t, let her know! She loves suggestions!

Samurai Dan And Jillian

He's the merc with the mouth and his swordplay always comes with maximum effort...wait; it's not who you think it is! However, there ARE similarities: both fight with swords for pay, both run their mouths, both have beautiful love-of-their-lives, and sadly, both look the same beneath their masks/headwraps! Samurai Dan and his lovely lady Jillian teach sword and self defense classes, give informational panels, perform stage shows, and do almost anything else to ensure that congoers enjoy themselves.

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Charles Dunbar

Charles Dunbar is a consummate fan. And they never expected their fandom to become such a huge part of their life. After deciding (on the road back from a con, no less) to study con culture back in 2008, they have spent the next decade of their life devoted to not only Japan (and its history, monsters, and culture) but to building their own base of knowledge from which they can draw and teach others. Since then, they have lectured at over 200 cons (including Anime Boston), libraries, and universities on all manners of fandom, history, culture, and folklore, and anything else that strikes their fancy, in hopes of bringing new perspectives and points of view to the appreciation of Japanese animation, and everything else associated with it.

You can keep track of their ramblings on .

More Guests

Here at Tekko, we invite special guests for all kinds of departments - not just voice actors and industry guests. Please follow the links below to learn more about each department and their own special guests!