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AMV Contest

Here are the Finalists for Tekko's 2023 AMV Contest, in Creator Name order:


drewaconclusion x2



James Blond x2




Pablo Shoe


Sayoria x2




Speedy180 x2


Synæsthesia Productions


thefanvideoer2 x3

Toon Addict Productions


Troubleclef (Tsunderbird Studios)




We have two AMV Contest showings. The first is our "Early Bird" Contest, which begins seating at 11:00am Friday Morning. The second is the Main Contest Showing, which begins seating at 1:00pm Saturday Afternoon. After both showings, we will tally the ballots and have the winners announced at the AMV Contest Awards, 1:30pm on Sunday. (All Times Eastern)

All showings and events for AMV will take place in the double-sized AMV Theater, located on the 4th Floor of the Convention Center, Room 414-415, between the Rockstar Meetup Area and the Uzume Stage. There will be a lot of events going on, like AMV Showings, Creation Panels, some games, and "All You Need To Know About Anime Rap (An Interactive WorkShop)" on Friday at 5:30pm by our VIP guests The Otaku Underworld!

So, congratulations to our finalists, and I am sure our attendees cannot wait to see what you have for us this year! If you are coming, we hope to see you in the AMV Theater!

Scale Model Competition

Build Area

Wire cutters, sanding sticks, and Gunpla markers will be provided for use to build kits. You are free to bring any other tools you want to use to build your kits with.

Painting of kits will be limited to brush painting and Gunpla markers only. Airbrushes and spray cans are forbidden.

If you wish to paint with brushes, you are required to bring a drop cloth of some kind to cover the area you will be painting. Open paint bottles will be kept in boxes or another container to prevent spills from leaking over the table. The box the model kit comes in works for us.

Model kits cannot be left at tables overnight or to be stored in the room. If other people are waiting for a workspace, please pack up your kit and any tools that you brought so they can have a spot

Scale Model Competition

The Tekko Scale Model Competition Returns to Tekko for 2023! The Scale Model Competition Room is more than just the competition. The room also has a showcase for kits that people bring in for display only, as well as a space for building kits at the convention.

Snap Build

The Snap Build category is for kits solely built at the convention. This category is primarily judged by construction techniques with paint and detailing work being considered bonus points to be earned during the creativity section of scoring.

Full Build

The Full Build category is for kits that are worked on outside the convention in part or in whole and are judged on equal parts construction and paint/decal work. Creativity with regards to effects, added detail, custom paint jobs and other improvements are also factored into the final score. For the purposes of judging and supporting the kit, the action bases used to pose/support the kit will not be counted.

Diorama Build

The Diorama Build category is for kits that are placed inside of a display/scene. The judging rules are the same as the Full Build category above, but now also apply to the scenery and the display base of the entry and any action bases to pose/support the kit.

Kit Showcase

The kit showcase is for kits that people want to show off. Any kit can be put on display. The kits can be dropped off anytime before judging starts at 5PM Saturday and can be picked up anytime during the con, though they must be picked up before the end of the con.

Fine Print

Scale Model Room Hours

Thursday: Con Open - TBD

Friday: TBD

Saturday: TBD

Sunday: TBD

Submissions for the scale model contest start when the room opens on Thursday and stop at 5pm Saturday. Winners will be announced two hours later at 7PM

Things to note about scoring and the categories:

  • The scale of the entry is not taken into consideration when scoring a kit and the categories are not broken down by grade or scale.

  • The use of kitbashing or option parts or hand made custom parts is allowed.

  • Custom paint schemes are also allowed, and points will be awarded for creative schemes for the creativity section.

  • At a minimum, panel lines and large areas of correct color applications are a requirement for full build kits and diorama builds. If the correct color application is provided with a decal or sticker, like for the face or eye parts of a Gundam type for example, then the decal's placement and any peeling will be judged.