Tea Party

Lolita & J-Fashion High Tea

Celebrate the Beach Party in style at this year's Lolita and J-Fashion High Tea!

2024 Theme: Sailors & Sirens !

  • VIP Entry: 10:00 AM

  • General and Premium Entry: 10:30 AM

  • Service to begin promptly at: 11:00 AM

This year's tea will feature:

6% DOKIDOKI and Guest Appearances, Indie Designer Appearances, General Raffle Prizes, Exclusive Guest Merchandise Raffle (Grand Prize value $200+), High Tea and Refreshments, Photography Opportunities, and More!

Raffle Tickets may be purchased in advance through eventeny or at the door. 

Additional Raffle tickets may be purchased with cash at the door. 

  • General Raffle: $5 for 2, $10 for 5, $20 for 12

  • Exclusive Raffle: $10 for 1, $20 for 3

Dress Code:

Lolita, Ouji, and J-Fashion coordinates permitted. Cosplay is strictly prohibited. Fashion Guest Brand replicas are strictly prohibited. Guest Brand attire is encouraged, but not required. Themed coordinates are encouraged, but not required.

Non-Lolita J-Fashion Coordinates must be elegantly styled or OTT. Casual Coordinates will not meet the dress code requirements. Non-Lolita Coordinates may be sent for approval to   . 

Anyone not abiding by the dress code will be denied admission. No refunds will be given.

Get your tickets now! 

Fashion Show

Soak up the sun in style at Tekko's J-Fashion Show! Lolita, Gyaru, Menhera - you name it, we got it! Tekko's J-Fashion Show will highlight both name and indie brands across J-Fashion industries, with designers from across the world!

Tekko 2024 is proud to welcome the following designers in our Fashion Show: Cottonbook, Forest Girl Clothing, John V. Salvino, Lillia & Lace, Ruby Princess, and Night Whisper



Cover Gyaru - put the bass in your walk!

Tekko is again partnering with Fluffy Show to bring a whole new experience to modeling for J-Fashion events!

Save yourself the time and stress of long model application forms, and make your Model profile now on ! This will be a one-time profile creation that you can use year-over year with any fashion show administered by FluffyShow!

Once your model profile has been created, it's a simple two-click process to apply to Tekko's j-fashion show!

Bring it to the Runway by following the steps you find here .

Head to toe, let your whole Petti talk!

Modeling Applications close on June 15th, 2024 at 11:59pm.

Fashion Guests


6%DOKIDOKI is a shop/brand based in Harajuku, founded in 1995 by Sebastian Masuda as a place of creation. Shop concept "sensational kawaii" means "shockingly kawaii", "exceedingly kawaii", and "too-kawaii things and stuff". They sell original items, select items, and projects along with this shop concept. ​

Also, not only a fashion genre, 6%DOKIDOKI has an important role to expand culture all over the world. As a leading place/people/brand of Japanese pop culture, the shop showcases original, unique creations throughout events and shows, etc.

Sebastian Matsuda

Japan Cultural Envoy 2017 / Visiting Scholar at NYU 2017-2018 / Newsweek Japan "100 Japanese people respected by the world" 2019 Born 1970. Began working in the 90’s in the worlds of theater and contemporary art. Since making Harajuku his base of activities in 1995, he has consistently created works that utilize a unique sense of color and cross over into the worlds of art, fashion and entertainment. Known as the leading figure of Japanese KAWAII culture, in 2011 was art director for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music video PONPONPON, in 2015 produced the KAWAII MONSTER CAFÉ, both of which also helped introduce the world to KAWAII culture.

In 2014 held his first solo exhibition in New York titled Colorful Rebellion –Seventh Nightmare–. In 2017 as the Japan Cultural Envoy, 2016 traveled to Holland, South Africa, Bolivia, Brazil and throughout America, holding lectures, workshops, and created various artworks. He 2017 has created the participatory art project TIME AFTER TIME CAPSULE in 2014, unfolding at several locations throughout the world. Having experienced the fragmentation of the world during the pandemic, Masuda became deeply interested in the nature of community, and began to advocate for the Digital Tribe and examine it through his own Kawaii community.

He continues to create works utilizing all the phenomena of the world as materials.


Established in 1988 by Akinori and Fumiyo Isobe in Tokyo, Japan, BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT aims to create the ultimate and enduring Lolita style by conjuring the pure joy of becoming a cute and beautiful princess, donning dresses adorned with lace and frills. Alice and the Pirates, our sister brand, was created in 2004. Currently, our company boasts 14 shops across Japan with a flagship store in San Francisco.

Fashion Show Designers


Cottonbook creates prints and clothing from a soft woodland world where the mundane is magical, and every plant, creature, and stone is a friend. All the art in the prints comes from the watercolor brushstrokes of designer Lucy Kagan from verdant Raleigh, North Carolina.

Forest Girl Clothing

Inspired by the mori kei community in Japan, Forest Girl Clothing was born from a love of recycled materials and a romanticized vision of spending time in nature. These designs will transport you to a fairytale forest that you’ll never want to leave. Whether you are strolling through the woods or just imagining it, these designs will bring home the wonder and charm of the natural world.

John V. Salvino

John V Salvino creates hand-painted, upcycled wearable art for casual cyborgs.

Lilia & Lace

Lilia & Lace is a new up and coming brand thats motto is to make kawaii fashion accessible for cuties of all sizes. Providing sizes Junior through 4X, Lilia & Lace is an inclusive sized Japanese fashion brand inspired by himekaji gyaru fashion and casual lolita fashion.

Ruby Princess

Ruby Princess is an American street fashion brand founded in 2021 to provide inclusive, ethical, and kawaii clothing.

Their values are at the core of of their business. That's why they pay their atelier team nearly 4x the industry average and only use OEKO-tex certified fabric processes. Their garments are made with the utmost attention for detail, and feature novel materials like 100% recycled polyester, and bamboo Tencel.

Night Whisper

Night Whisper is an indie Lolita brand based out of Missouri. They started with the mission to make Lolita fashion accessible to everyone, regardless of body type. Since we started in 2019, they have been able to provide sizes up to 7XL.


Maya Lovro Photography

Maya Lovro (they/them) is an award-winning portrait and event photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA. They are proud to be returning this year as the photographer for the Tekko J-Fashion Show and J-Fashion High Tea. Maya specializes in affirming, authentic photography, making everyone feel comfy and confident in front of the lens. You can find them on social media under the handle @mayalovro, or on their website.

Swap Meet

Tekko 2024 J-Fashion Night Market

Do you have 13 left bodyline sleeves sitting in your closet? A JSK that needs a new home? Then register for a table at the annual J-Fashion Night Market!

More information and registration link can be found here: