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Fashion Show


Model applications for Tekko 2022 are open now!

Models of all sizes and genders are encouraged to apply for this year's fashion show! Application coming soon...

Photo Credits: Maya Elaine

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Fashion Guests

RinRin Doll

RinRin Doll is a Tokyo-based subculture fashion model, YouTuber, and TV host from Los Angeles, California. She has been modeling for lolita fashion brands, magazines, and runways for more than 15 years and was the MC of TV program, NHK Kawaii International for years. She also shares her love of Japanese fashion, beauty, style, and experiences through her YouTube channel at RinRinDollJapan.

As an ambassador of lolita fashion, RinRin connects with lolita and Japanese fashion lovers all around the world through tea parties, fashion shows, concerts, and panels. She has first-hand experience in seeing fashion being a wonderful source of community and support. She hopes to bring more people around the world together through a shared interest in Japanese fashion and culture.

She believes that fashion is a limitless tool for self confidence and when you’re glowing in that confidence, you’re beautiful ♡

Keep in touch with RinRin here:

YouTube: (Japanese)






Weibo: @rinrindoll_official

RinRin Boutique

RinRin Boutique features RinRin’s favorite brands in Japan, focusing on bringing directly to you the latest on-season items.


Haenuli (pronounced”hey-new-re”), better known as Nunu, of Haenuli Fashion has been making lolita fashion for nearly 15 years in her small corner of Daejeon, South Korea where she released a new design every month. Inspired by baroque and Grimms’ Fairy Tales, her designs are often connected with nature, usually with a darker color palette, at times mystical in nature. Haenuli is an inclusive brand in terms of sizes as lolitas come in various shapes and sizes. Nunu is going to unveil several new designs in person at her fashion show, including Winnie-the-Pooh, and some other upcoming projects that she's showing in the future.


Puvithel is a Tekko Fashion Partner, and will be featured in the fashion show and with the fashion vendors. Puvithel will be featuring designs from new Puvithel designer Hoshi at Tekko as well as other new work.

Regional Showcase Designers

Kittykaya Kawaii Designs

Kittykaya’s artist Christina has been a lolita fashion enthusiast for 13 years. Kittykaya was created around kawaii culture, lolita fashion, and nostalgic pop culture from the artist’s childhood in the U.S. Kittykaya does a bit of everything, including illustrating, designing and sewing original lolita print dresses, and making jewelry. From Christina’s experience, lolita can be quite uncomfortable, which is why she strives to bridge the gap between comfy and cute! Kittykaya’s dresses are made to order from the initial print sketch to the final piece, with no extra cost for inclusive sizing. Also, they have giant pockets big enough for a Nintendo Switch!

Empire Noir

Empire Noir is an Aristocratic Gothic and Lolita Brand inspired by the regality of the macabre. This vampiric tale is told through a dynasty of red expressions, as well as west African culture and Baroque periods of style.

Midnight Springs

Midnight Springs is a yamikawaii brand founded by a chronically ill crafter and designer. Midnight Springs strives to accent all things creepy with cute, and carries multiple menhera-themed designs in hopes that cute accessories can help spur conversations that lead to awareness and acceptance.

The Angelic Forest

The Angelic Forest is a Pacific Northwest lolita fashion brand that aims to bring quality and affordable clothing to people of all sizes. They work in sweet and gothic lolita substyles and make items from dresses and skirts to matching jewelry and handbags.


Belladonna began in 2013 when long time best friends Michelle and Rachel decided to embark on a wild journey to create Jfashion clothing and accessories for the american market. Since then Belladonna has had the pleasure of showing collections in fashion shows all across the United States and even a few international shows. Over the years Belladonna has grown and now offers plus size clothing, wigs from Japanese brand Brightlele, a large array of kawaii aesthetic jewelry and press-on nails and everything from elaborate to staple lolita fashion items.

Tea Party

 Lolita Fashion Tea Party

The   Lolita Fashion Tea Party   will be held on the morning of  Sunday July 24  . Venue details TBD.

This is an event for   Lolita Fashion   and   Ouji   enthusiasts with an enforced dress code. Anyone not abiding by the dress code will be denied admission. No refunds will be given. If you are attending with a parent or partner who is not part of the fashion, they may wear formal elegant attire.

Brand attire is encouraged but not required for this event.

Tickets are on sale now! Get yours now!

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