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Exhibition Hall

Become an Exhibitor

At Tekko, our exhibition hall is home to a diverse group of vendors, artists, and partners. If you'd like to get involved, please review the rules and policies below, and then visit the respective page to apply.

Review Tekko's vendor contract.

Tekko Exhibitors Area Rules

Exhibitors Area/Booths

The Tekko 2023 Exhibitors Area (David L Lawrence Convention Center, Hall A) will operate Friday July 21 to Sunday July 23th, with setup time available for Exhibitors beginning at 2:00 PM (subject to change) the day of Thursday, July 20th.

Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Inc. reserves the right to adjust contract information as new information becomes available.

Each booth in the Exhibitors Area is 10’ by 10’, with two chairs, and one 6’ table. Booths or blocks of booths reserved by an Exhibitor will be marked off by tape squares on the floor.

Exhibitor space will be assigned by the Exhibitors Area Coordinator and staff. Tekko will make every effort to accommodate each Exhibitor’s location preference. However, it may be necessary to relocate Exhibitors within the Exhibitors Area and Tekko reserves the right to do so. Business may only be conducted at the tables assigned by Tekko to the Exhibitor in the Exhibitor’s Area. Any business to be conducted outside this area must have prior approval by Tekko.

Booth Rates (TBA)

Reservations, Payment and Contact Information

To reserve booth space, submit contract online for approval. Once approval has been obtained by Exhibitor’s Coordinator, Exhibitors will have a two-week time period to submit signature page with full payment and any necessary deposit.

Payment must be in the form of a check or money order payable to “ Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. ”, or electronically. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 – 48 hours confirming the receipt of materials and payment. There will be a limited number of reservations accepted.

All bounced checks will be charged a $36.00 bounced check fee.

Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to rent booth space to Exhibitors. In this event, the Exhibitor will be notified no later than TBD.

To contact the Exhibitors Area Coordinator, please email .

Exhibitors Area Hours

  • Friday, July 22: TBD

  • Saturday, July 23: TBD

  • Sunday, July 24: TBD

Attendees will be allowed access to the Exhibitors Area during all operating hours. Tekko requires that an associate from each Exhibitor be present at all times during these hours. These hours are subject to change, and any changes will be posted to the “Exhibitors” section of the Tekko website.

Exhibitors’ Setup

Exhibitor Hall setup will tentatively begin Thursday, July 21st at 2:00 PM, with EVERYONE off of the floor by 8:00 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS. Exhibitors will be able to finish setup Friday.

The Exhibitors Area will be located in Hall B of the convention center.

All exhibitors must follow guidelines set for load in and load out instructions. Guidelines are subject to change at any time. Further instructions on load in will be emailed to accepted exhibitors in the future.

Before unloading any materials or beginning booth setup, Exhibitors MUST check in with the Exhibitors Area Coordinator in order to receive their final booth assignment and Exhibitor badges. Only after an Exhibitor is checked in will they be allowed to unload and set up materials.

The following loading/unloading instructions were provided by the DLCC:

  • Unload and reload their vehicle at the loading dock, in the designated POV area (specified on the map, later in this document, in green). Both unload and reload is limited to one trip to the loading dock area with unlimited trips to and from the vehicle.

  • Unload and reload their own materials provided they use their own non-mechanized dolly and/or cart. No dollies, carts, or material handling equipment will be supplied to exhibitors by the convention center or hired show contractor.

  • Unload and reload their materials provided the POV is no larger than a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). i.e.: No U-hauls, box trucks, etc.

  • The drop off lanes, on 10th Street, are designated as a “no loading” zone and as such are not for POV use.

  • The current labor agreement does not permit us to deviate from these guidelines without incurring additional fees. Any Exhibitor not adhering to this policy will be responsible for all labor fees. Should an Exhibitor incur this fee and refuse to pay, they will be blacklisted from returning to any Pittsburgh JCS events until balance is paid. The hourly rate an Exhibitor will be charged is $300.00 per hour for every hour block that the Exhibitor runs into (this means that if an Exhibitor runs fifteen (15) minutes over the allotted time, the Exhibitor will be charged for an hour of labor, as this is the procedure used by the Convention Center.)

  • Exhibitors will be responsible for the loading and unloading all of their merchandise as well as the equipment (dolly, cart, etc.) with which it is done.

  • Vehicles are only allowed on the Exhibition Hall floor when the laborers are present. According to convention center policy, vehicles larger than a large passenger vehicle must be unloaded by the contracted laborers. This may not be required when load in begins, but expect this to be what the convention center enforces.

Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitor will be supplied with two (2) Exhibitor badges for the first booth purchased and one (1) Exhibitor badge for each booth beyond the first, to a maximum of six (6) badges for any one Exhibitor. Exhibitor badges will be honored as three-day attendee badges during all hours of the convention. Exhibitor badges must be worn at all times by any person working at a booth. Badges may not be sold, loaned or otherwise transferred to non-employees.

Exhibitors Area badges may be shared among employees, but the practice of sharing one badge among multiple employees simultaneously is prohibited and will result in the confiscation of badges. Every individual working at an Exhibitor’s booth(s) must wear a badge at all times.

Access to the Exhibitors Area outside of the previously listed time is prohibited.

Booth Configuration

Exhibitors may configure their booth or block of booths as they see fit, adding additional shelves, kiosks, etc., as long as the alterations do not interfere with other Exhibitors Areas, hang from the ceiling of the room, or violate the DLCC requirements (listed later in this document). Each Exhibitor is responsible for all fees and other costs from the decorator for the DLCC associated with any Exhibitor special requests. Exhibitors are welcome and encouraged to bring their own tables and other furniture, but should be considerate of fellow Exhibitors and keep booth configurations within reason and within any restrictions set by the DLCC.

Every Exhibitor must display their company name in a prominent manner, easily seen by Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. /Tekko, for identification during the event using the booth sign provided at the event, or using a sign the Exhibitor provides. Failure to display Exhibitor’s company name, as a result of the Exhibitor, may result in Exhibitor being removed from the event without refund or reimbursement of any type.

A form for Electrical Services is available on the DLCC website. Any Exhibitor needing any of the detailed services will need to complete the form and send it to the address provided, or complete the online order form.

Requirements from the DLCC

  1. Decorations, signs, banners, etc. may not be taped, nailed, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, painted surfaces, or columns in the DLCC.

  2. No holes may be drilled, cored, or punched in the facility.

  3. All food and/or beverage products require prior written approval form.

  4. Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of all materials at the conclusion of the show. The booth must be broom cleaned.

  5. All fire, safety, and building regulations must be strictly followed. Particular attention should be paid the prohibitions against propane, acetylene, and other flammable materials.

Refund and Cancellations

Should an Exhibitor find they cannot attend Tekko, or need to reduce the number of booths purchased, they may request to cancel booths by contacting the Exhibitors Area Coordinator (at the email address provided above) to make arrangements.

No refunds will be given for canceled booths. Exhibitors who cancel give up any claim or reservation to the canceled booths, which are returned to the pool of available space at standard booth rates.

Tekko Exhibitors Area Policies

Convention Rules Policy

Exhibitors are considered attendees of Tekko, and must abide by all convention rules at all times as they are listed on the Tekko website.

Legal Policy

Any Exhibitor caught selling, advertising or otherwise dealing any goods or services deemed illegal under the laws of the United States of America, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be removed from the convention immediately with no monetary compensation.

All Exhibitors will accept full responsibility for the collection and payment of any local, state and federal taxes. All Exhibitors that do not currently possess a tax registration from the PA Department of Revenue will be required to complete a PA-100 Enterprise Registration form. This form can be obtained online at

Documentation Policy

Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining all documentation (licenses, permits, approvals, etc.) required by law, Tekko or the DLCC applicable to their activities at Tekko. Failure of an Exhibitor to produce such documentation upon request may result in removal from the convention.

Adult Materials Policy

Many attendees of Tekko are minors and/or families. In order to protect minors from potentially offensive material, the following policies will be observed by all Exhibitors:

  1. All adult materials will be clearly marked as such.

  2. All adult media (DVDs, videotapes, CDs, etc.) will be displayed spine out only.

  3. All adult materials will be blocked from public view with opaque material.

  4. All Exhibitors will ask for and verify appropriate ID before attempting to sell any adult material to any attendee.

“Adult” in these cases refers to any materials that are sexually explicit, extremely graphically violent or otherwise unsuitable for children. If such materials are seen out in the open or if Tekko staff receives complaints, the Exhibitor will be reminded of our adult materials policy ONCE. Any Exhibitor failing to comply after being reminded of our policy, or selling inappropriate materials to minors, will be removed from the convention with no monetary compensation.

Item Display and Removal Policy

Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. reserves the right to inspect an Exhibitor’s entire inventory at any time and to

require an Exhibitor to remove items from public display, or change the method of display, if they are deemed unsuitable to the standards set by Tekko. Withholding of inventory during an inspection, refusal to remove items upon request or continuation of sale of such items will result in breach of contract, and may result in removal from the convention (see “Exhibitor Removal Policy” below).

Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. does not allow the sale or advertisement of bootleg, pirated or unlicensed merchandise. Such items include but are not limited to:

  • SonMay (SM) CDs

  • Golden Apple CDs

  • Ever Anime A8, Ever Anime GM, and Ever Anime Best Song Collections CD's

  • Golden Anime CD's

  • Game Music brand CD's

No gambling, no bingo, no games of chance, and no lottery type games are allowed if they require any exchange of money. Prize wheels that are free to spin are allowed. If you are unsure if your game is allowed, please contact the Exhibitors Area Coordinator.

Exhibitor is prohibited from selling, or making otherwise available certain kinds of merchandise (“Barred Merchandise”) at Tekko. Examples of Barred Merchandise shall include, but are not limited to:

  • ANY Pins, Wall Scrolls, Models (Resin or Vinyl kits), Decals, Stickers and Posters which are not properly marked and labeled with the appropriate copyright information.

  • ANY unlicensed Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Blades, Gun Blades, Buster Blades, Buster Swords, Key Blades, Key Swords, and Swords or Sword like items from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts regardless of size shape or intended use.

  • ANY unlicensed swords or knives based on the swords or knives used in any other form of media.

  • ANY Cosmetic or Non-Cosmetic Contact Lenses.

  • ANY plush, hats, plush hats, or plush type materials that do not contain a Tush Tag and a Swing Tag from a licensed work.

  • ANY products with Swing Tag with a JAN Code that has fewer or more single digits than (13) thirteen.

  • ANY Licensed Merchandise without the appropriate copyright information listed or included on/in the product.

  • ANY goods or services listed under the “Legal Policy” section above

  • ANY paraphernalia that may be used for illegal substances. (Glass pipes, water pipes, etc.)

  • The display and/or sale of items classified as, or similar to, but not limited to grab bags, grab boxes, mixed bags, and variety boxes not assembled by the manufacturer is not permitted. This includes brown bag clearances. If you are unsure if your blind box item is allowed, please contact the Exhibitors Area Coordinator.

  • ANY unlicensed costumes, cosplays, accessories, or other forms of apparel of a copyrighted or licensed character, design, or series.

  • ANY Fanart of any form of media that the exhibitor has not obtained a proper license for from the owner of the property.

  • Any violation will come with a single warning, at which time the Exhibitor will be asked to remove the offending material and/or advertising. Failure to comply, or a subsequent violation, will result in removal from the convention (see “Exhibitor Removal Policy” below).

Weapons Sales Policy

The sale of live steel weapons will not be permitted without express permission from the Exhibitors Area head. Any Exhibitor without permission with such items in their booth will be asked to remove them from the floor and if non-compliant, the Exhibitor will be removed from the event with no monetary compensation. Any weapons sold must comply with the Item Display and Removal Policy listed above.

Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. neither condones nor prohibits the sale of weapons. However, attendees must comply with the weapons policy listed on the Tekko website, which prohibits them from carrying “live steel,” functioning imitation guns (such as but not limited to paintball, bb-gun, and pellet gun) or other dangerous items. Exhibitors should take extra care in the design and positioning of their displays to ensure that there is no mishandling of merchandise. The Exhibitors Area Coordinator may require items be removed from sale if there is an apparent danger to attendees, Exhibitors, convention staff, or merchandise.

Upon selling any weapon, Exhibitors are required to package it securely and advise the purchaser that opening the package within the convention is prohibited, and the weapon should be taken to the buyer’s vehicle or hotel room immediately upon leaving the Exhibitors Area. Pennsylvania State Law prohibits the sale of weapons to minors; any Exhibitor in violation of this law will be removed from the event with no monetary compensation.

Damage/Theft Policy

Convention Staff will monitor the room on a regular basis during operating hours, and overnight security will be provided. Please take extra precaution in the placement of merchandise and cash to guard against the possibility of theft. Exhibitors are solely responsible for their own property, merchandise and money. Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. and its personnel assume no liability for loss or damage including but not limited to merchandise, equipment or revenue.

Exhibitors will be held solely responsible for any damage occurring within the area of their booth.

Exhibitor Removal Policy

Pittsburgh JCS, Inc. reserves the right to revoke an Exhibitor’s right to sell merchandise at, and remove the Exhibitor from, Tekko at any point leading up to and including during the convention itself, for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of one or more of the rules or policies set forth in this contract. Upon notification of removal from the convention, the Exhibitor is expected to surrender their Exhibitor badges and leave the convention area immediately. There will be no monetary compensation in any form. If the Exhibitor is removed from the convention after Thursday set up is complete, or before Sunday tear down has started, the Exhibitor may hand carry all merchandise out the front door of the convention center, or they may return on Sunday at 3:00 PM to tear down and load out with the rest of the Exhibitors in the Exhibition Hall.