Escape Room

Tekko Escape Rooms

*A valid Tekko badge and separate entry fee is required for this event.

Escape Room Registration will be available online and on-site at Tekko!

**All information on this page is based on 2023 and subject to change**

How may participants per session? Each escape room allows up to 8 participants a session, with a minimum of 2 participants. We request a Team Captain for each group which serves as the point of contact; this person will provide their email and phone number for contact during the Tekko show.

Payment is due upon sign-up. Cost is $18 per person per session.

Expected session length? The session length is typically a 45-minute run for each escape room. The group is required to show up 15 minutes prior to their sign-up session for check in and general instructions.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Wonderland Escape Room and the Olympic Escape Room will run on the hour, while the Mecha Escape Room runs on the half hour. Staggered times allow for the staff to reset and assist with cosmetic touch ups as necessary.

Room Themes


You are late, late, late! Worse than that, you have agreed to help the Hatter host a tea party the same

day as your sister's surprise un-birthday party. It's a race against the clock as you must make your way

to Wonderland, assist the Hatter, and make it back in time for your sister's big surprise.

The Wonderland Escape Room offers a mathematical and visual problem-solving experience. You will need your wits about you and a clear mind in order to catch up to the Mad Hatter before the party.


Jail breaker! You and a team are on the run from a recent jail break all thanks to Keen Global, a multimillion-dollar armored transport company known for side government contracts. They’ve hired you to break into GlibTech’s garage, an innovative mecha startup company, while on the run from authorities. Will you be able to escape to freedom?

The Mecha Escape Room takes a little more elbow and grease work. You will enjoy sleuthing and searching with a touch of augmented reality in this classic break-out experience. Find what you need before the police show up.


The Dalton Family is a well-known collector of antiques and Olympic memorabilia. Myth has it that they also hold a collection of figurines worth over $5.2 million that you would just die to own. You’ve been invited to a private meeting in their rare collections room and find yourself under house arrest for suspicion of theft. Do you have what it takes to break out, or will you find yourself one of the ‘newly added’ collectibles?

The Olympic Escape Room is exciting in a whole new way with unexpected challenges. You may break a small sweat using your body strength but your mind may get the biggest workout. With the family’s accusations, you’ll need to find a way out before you become part of the collection. (Difficulty level is High, as well as minor physically demanding).