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Dance Party

Join the Tekko family for our annual Dance Party! Enjoy yourself by dancing the night away to the coolest music from Japan and abroad. So grab your glow sticks and party the night away with us.



Metamind Artistry Collective / DNA Productions / Diversity Productions

Drum & Bass / Hardcore

Started his journey into DJing in 2016 playing UK Hardcore, his taste for bass quickly grew into more aggressive subgenres such as Gabber, Dutch/Frenchcore, and eventually Psytrance for a small period of time. This until about 2017 when he discovered his deep connection to the drum patterns and body shaking sonics of Drum & Bass.

Although only playing out Drum & Bass for just under five years, TRicKLe quickly found his sound in the thunder. With tunes pulled from record labels ranging from Vision, Neosignal and Symmetry to Hospital, Neksus Sound, and Critical. Expect a set full of engulfing emotions, hard hitting drums, and body squeezing sub frequencies.


The Pittsburgh born and bred bodybuilder / personal trainer turned neuro prodigy has been at it for quite some time and the results are starting to stack up considerably in his favor. After having circled around the American usual suspects Divination and Abducted, he’s finally graduated towards Europe, first with releases on Close 2 Death and C4C and then getting onto ProtoCode and Korsakov Music. Dropset has also been featured by UKF, DJ Mag, and RedBull Music. As promising a trajectory as any.

The year is 2016 when he decides to get serious about production, landing him his first release only 2 years after. Under the tutelage of Philth, followed by AKOV and finally even production master Joe Ford, Dropset has developed a recognisable yet unique sound that is both heavy and catchy, both easy on the ears and technically impeccable. The tunes keep getting bigger, the collabs keep getting bigger, the labels keep getting bigger, and even his body keeps getting bigger.

DJ Twist

DJ Twist has been a part of Pittsburgh nightlife for the past decade DJing at bars and nightclubs across town, from Oakland to Southside and Lawrenceville. Twist has rocked the party from Garage Door in Oakland to Jimmy D's South Side and brings a mix of Top 40, Party, and Club dance music that keeps you on the floor all night. Having DJed sets at Pods at Magfest and Collosalcon, Twist is returning to the TEKKO since his set in 2018 and can't wait to get the 2022 Dance started off right.

Dance Competition

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