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Panels & Workshops


Tekko Gakkou (School Series)

Tekko is proud to host Tekko Gakkou (School Series), an education oriented programming track dedicated to exploring the nuanced culture and history of Japan, for the fourth year in a row!

Content in the Gakkou track focuses on all facets of Japanese culture including (but not limited to) food, history, beliefs, school life, fashion, subculture, identity, and world influences.

This track will also host round table discussion forums for students of Japan to present, refine, and discuss material that is important to their pursuit of Japanese culture, academic or otherwise.

Content will be selected if it falls into the following categories and is of the highest possible quality:

  • Education and scholarship

  • Illuminations of Japanese Cultural Practice

  • Ways in which anime, games, and Japanese mass media shed light on Japan and her people.

Having your panel, discussion group, or workshop accepted for this track is a prestigious distinction and you will be recognized in various ways throughout Tekko!

Chibi Tekko

Chibi Tekko logo

Tekko presents Chibi Tekko – interactive panels and activities designed to entertain our younger attendees! Children under 12 are invited to learn about Japanese culture and anime through fun crafts, games, and much more. Check back closer to show for Tekko’s activities. Chibi Tekko will have it's own dedicated room. Please check our map for location.

*While the target of Chibi content is towards children 12 and under, we can understand the appeal of going to certain panels like "Felt doll creations". We therefore have a policy that only those 12 and under may receive materials for workshops due to limited quantity

Please note that all children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the convention.

Manga Library

The Manga Library the best place to sit down and read some manga, chill or just hang out with your friends. Feel free to drop by or just relax and to read old or new manga. All manga was donated to the the Tekko library. If you have manga you don’t want any more please feel free to donate to help expand our collection.