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If you have any questions about submitting to the contest or any of the rules and guidelines below, please email amvs@teamtekko.us .

Also see: AnimeMusicVideos.Org's "CONGRSS" rules

Scale Model Competition

Build Area

Wire cutters, sanding sticks, and Gunpla markers will be provided for use to build kits. You are free to bring any other tools you want to use to build your kits with.

Painting of kits will be limited to brush painting and Gunpla markers only. Airbrushes and spray cans are forbidden.

If you wish to paint with brushes, you are required to bring a drop cloth of some kind to cover the area you will be painting. Open paint bottles will be kept in boxes or another container to prevent spills from leaking over the table. The box the model kit comes in works for us.

Model kits cannot be left at tables overnight or to be stored in the room. If other people are waiting for a workspace, please pack up your kit and any tools that you brought so they can have a spot

Scale Model Competition

Any model that depicts a machine from an anime series is legal. While the focus is on giant robot model kits, any mecha, or machine, is allowed from an anime series. For example, the SDF-1 Macross or the Yamato from Space Battleship Yamato are legal entries. The mecha from Warhammer 40K or MechWarrior are not legal entries however.

All kits entered in the competition will be entered into two categories with their own top prize and spot, a build quality category, and a creative category.

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The grade or scale of the kit will not factor into the scoring of the kit or separate it into a different category, all models submitted will be judged equally. A no grade kit will be judged the same way a perfect grade kit would be. Action bases will not be included in the judging unless they are creatively integrated into a diorama for the creative category.

Build Quality Category

The build quality of a kit will be judged upon how well the kit was assembled and how much work was put into cleaning up the kit after assembly. For instance, things like the removal of nub marks, seam lines, coloring over discolored plastic, the application of stickers or paint to provide the correct color to parts, and general build quality. If the kit includes a Diorama, the diorama will be included in the judging.

Creative Category

The creative category will be more subjective, no points will be given but rather the judges will decide as a group on the kit they feel is the most creative. Creativity can come in many forms. A unique paint scheme on the kit, new scratch built parts and weapons, a Diorama or display, anything that makes it unique and is outside the box will get more points. Basic build quality is encouraged, but it will not be the prime deciding factor in the creative category.

Fine Print

Entries are limited to one per person. However, if so desired, a second kit can be entered for display only and will be put on display but will not be included in the judging. All judges will be allowed to submit two kits for display but will not be allowed to submit kits for judging.

Submission into the contest will be on going from 9:00 a.m. on Friday until 10:00 p.m. on Saturday. On Sunday, kits can be picked up all day long from opening till close. Kits can be picked up early from the contest but will be removed from the judging if they are picked up before Sunday. The formal announcement ceremony will be at noon to announce the winners of the contest but participants can pick up prizes and their kits earlier should they need to. Contestants must be at the convention Sunday to pick up their kits and/or prizes by 4:30pm. Anyone who is not present by 5:00, will forfeit the prize and it will go to the runner up.

Pachinko Fever

Pachinko Fever

Pachinko Fever Bio:

Back in 2009, we bought our first pachinko machine for engaging fans at our convention table. The rest is history, as we now own 14 machines, in various stages of restoration. Pachinko is Japanese pinball, Japan’s favorite pastime. Its been one of their most popular leisure activities for nearly a hundred years.We set up an interactive parlor that works just like it does in Japan (minus the Yakuza, of course), where you buy balls to play with, and redeem your winnings for prizes much like an American arcade. Our machines represent the history and evolution of pachinko over the last 55 years with machines dating from 1961 up to 2010, so we have a machine for everyone! Come try your hand at some great prizes and experience this really fun part of Japanese culture first hand with Pachinko Fever!